Suits/Sport Coats - Copy

A Gentleman is defined by how well he dresses. Quality can be seen by the fit and details of his garment. Probably the most important piece of a man's wardrobe is his suit. We have selected the best suits and sports coats for our customers. We carry everything from a casual coat to wear with jeans to tuxedos. And with our, “Same Day Alterations” we are able to have you looking your best at a moments notice!

Jack Victor

Designed and produced exclusively in Montreal, Canada, Jack Victor products incorporate the very best fabrics and materials. Our Fall 2015 collections use the very best of Biella's luxury Italian fabrics, combining the sartorial elegance of classic tailoring with an innovative expression. Jack Victor represents sophisticated, accessible luxury with international styling. Our cashmere sport coats are the ‘Gold' standard of luxury! Special orders welcome at no extra charge, including Jack Victor suits! We offer same day tailoring if needed.

Mattarizi Uomo

Mattarazi Uomo suits are made of Italian super 150's fabrics. They offer exceptional value and compare to suits that cost 2 and 3x's at much. We also carry the line of Mattarazi sport coats that are Italian designed which are more contemporary in fit.